Valley Green Team

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Valley Green Team

The Valley Green Team project is a collaborative effort between private businesses, municipal, county and state government agencies, school districts, economic development professionals and the communities throughout the Central Valley. Valley Green Team is developed to educate, demonstrate and inspire communities in the Central Valley to replicate the award-winning Green Team San Joaquin program in their regions and to address environmental and economic development issues as it relates to the cost of doing business. The Chamber and its Valley Green Team investors propose to do this by collaboratively working for regional solutions through presentations, REACON assessments, surveying, recognition programs and promoting the general awareness of environmental stewardship.

The Valley Green Team generally meets the second Wednesday of the Month at 9:00 a.m. at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.


For sponsorship information, please contact Frank Ferral at fferral@stocktonchamber.org or 209-547-2770.


Start going green

You can start going green by purchasing and using eco-friendly products. Not sure which one to buy? Visit one of these websites to check if your current product is safe for the environment:




Check your carbon footprint by going here:



The Valley Green Team serves as a model that has been replicated in the following communities:

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Listen to our KJOY Chamber Minute about the Green Team San Joaquin.

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Did You Know?

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