Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Green Team?

The Green Team San Joaquin is a program of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. The Green Team is comprised of industry practitioners who can share best practices. Through collaborative efforts between private businesses, municipal, county and state government agencies, the Green Team assists businesses in promoting environmentally-friendly practices.


How can the Green Team help my business?

The first step is to schedule a visit with the REACON Team. The REACON Team provides a complimentary assessment to help identify areas that could be improved in your business operations. After the initial visit, the Green Team will assist you in completing the required measures to become green certified. Upon successful completion of the minimum requirements, you will be presented with a certificate recognizing your accomplishment.


How can my business become green certified?

To become green certified, register your business at http://greenbusinessca.org then contact the Program Coordinator for the Green Team at (209) 292-8434. The Green Team will schedule a site visit to go over the program details and a sample checklist. We will work with you during the next few weeks to help identify areas of improvement and offer additional resources to assist in your efforts of going green. After the checklist is completed, we will present you with a certificate recognizing your business as Green Certified.


Is there a cost?

There is no cost to have a REACON assessment done at your place of business. It is a complimentary service to any business within San Joaquin County. The only cost you may incur are the expenses to retrofit and convert to eco-friendly materials or practices. However, the return on your investment for the upgrades are usually long-term.

For program sponsorship information, please contact Frank Ferral at frank@stocktonchamber.org.


How long does the certification process take?

Well, it depends. Most businesses have already taken steps towards environmental stewardship. Because of that, they can usually complete the checklist in about four to six weeks (sometimes sooner). However, if some retrofits are required for light fixtures, toilets, faucets, etc., then it could take a few months. Don’t let that discourage you. Going green is a process and it takes commitment.


How can I be involved?

You can be involved by joining us for our Green Team meetings. Be sure to visit the News/Events page for current meeting notices and agendas.


What does REACON stand for?

It stands for Recycling Energy Air Conservation. It is the outreach component of the Green Team San Joaquin. REACON is a collaborative between the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, private businesses, municipal and county solid waste divisions, economic development professionals, and the communities of San Joaquin County. Our purpose is to promote environmental stewardship solutions, to address environmental and economic development issues, and to create a nexus to enhance the delivery of Chamber service in Stockton and all of San Joaquin County. 


Why should I get certified?

Why not? There are several advantages to going green. Many companies are moving towards environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Mostly everyone wants to help preserve our natural resources and reduce pollution and waste. Recycling also has its advantages by reducing waste and costs. Overall, your cost of operations can be greatly reduced by implementing energy-efficient practices. Lastly, by going green, your company is recognized as an environmental leader.


What if my company can’t be certified?

Sometimes this happens. If you have taken all the steps to become eco-friendly and for some reason cannot become green certified, we can still recognize your efforts through the P3 Stewardship. The P3 stands for Policies, Practices, and Purchasing. If your company is already doing its part to help the environment, we want to hear about it. Contact us for a site visit. Once verified, your company could be recognized at our annual Small Business Awards ceremony.


Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us at (209) 292-8434.