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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Save the Date: 03.14.18


Thank you to our Sponsors, Presenters, Vendors, and attendees.


REXPO - 03.08.17




Improving the quality of our business and physical environment in the San Joaquin Valley is important to all of us who reside here. Attendees will learn how businesses and jurisdictions can incorporate energy-efficient methods, recycling, water conservation and clean air values into everyday operations to reduce their cost of doing business and to meet the State’s multiple environmental policies. In addition, the event will showcase businesses and services that proactively promote environmentally sustainable business practices. Valley business and elected leaders are in the unique position to lead by example and demonstrate that environmental consciousness and business prosperity can go hand-in-hand.

For the first time, we will combine the BARC and the BIN one information-packed event. The BARC (Business Academy for Regulatory Compliance) is an educational academy for businesses throughout the San Joaquin Valley on environmental regulations. This training aims to provide information about what CalEPA, its boards and departments, and local environmental agencies regulate and how they can provide compliance assistance to businesses. The BIN Coalition (Build Infrastructure Now)  advocates for a more aggressive effort to fund and build additional recycling market development infrastructure throughout California, and to reach an alternative to the current export of recyclables to offshore markets.

Join us for the 13th Annual REXPO to be held at the Hilton Stockton on Wednesday, March 8th from 8am to 2pm. Register today! For more information, email gogreen@stocktonchamber.org



7:00            Registration & Visit Exhibits

8:00            Call to Order – Green Team San Joaquin Chair 

8:05            Welcome by Assembly Member Susan Eggman

8:10            ECO Award presented by San Joaquin Council of Governments

8:15-9:45     Panel One – BARC: Business Academy for Regulatory Compliance
Panel One was created by the Chamber to navigate businesses to regulatory compliance and prosperity. Is there assistance out there to support businesses? The panel will explore. 

•    Moderator: Robert Job, President & CEO, Condor Earth Technologies 
•    Christie Vosburg, Assistant General Counsel, CalEPA (Presentation)
•    Muniappa Naidu, Program Coordinator, San Joaquin CUPA (Presentation)
•    Nick Peirce, Permit Services Manager, San Joaquin County Valley Air Pollution Control District (Presentation)
9:45-10:00           Coffee Break/Visit Exhibits

10:00-11:30          Panel Two – BIN: Build Infrastructure Now 
The goal of this panel is to solidify our resolve in building a stronger, more sustainable economy through recycled content value-added manufacturing in California. With over 80-95% of the recycled materials being shipped outside of our state, (specifically to Asian markets), so too, are our jobs, tax revenues and commerce. The Panel will explore what needs to be done to create prosperity in California. 

•    Moderator: Steve Lautze, City of Oakland RMDZ 
•    Teresa Bui, Senior Policy Analyst, California Against Waste (Presentation)
•    Steve Krauss, CRM Rubber (Presentation)
•    Steven J. Lantsberger, Economic Development Director, San Joaquin County (Presentation)

11:30-12:15           Exhibits Open 

12:15-13:30           Keynote Lunch Address: Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Deputy Secretary for Climate Policy – CalEPA

Presentation of Green Certificates

Drawings for Door Prizes

*We are also happy to report that we found the owner of the lost car key (name withheld to protect the innocent)















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